A Guy’s Guide to Sexy Grammar

It’s a digital age. The world is changing. The President is black. People are dating online. And, increasingly, people’s first impression of you is how you type. That means, fellas, that in this brave new world, punctuation is just as important as a pocket square. Don’t be the guy who gets everything right but his grammar. Follow my simple, helpful Guy’s Guide to Sexy Grammar. 
Obviously, you all know basic grammar. We’re adults here (mostly.) (Hopefully.) But there are a few errors that have become commonplace, and they can be the difference between “I Do” and “Unfollow.” Because, whether or not you realize it, how you type says a lot about you. So, are you ready to take your Tumblr Crush to Tumblr Love? Are you ready to stop Facebook Stalking and start Face-to-Face talking? Are you ready to stop signing in and start making out? Are you worried that I’m going to run out of these? Are you ready to stop Direct Messaging and start Direct Massaging? If so, follow these few simple rules, my Guy’s Guide to Sexy Grammar.


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