This Is My Internet Rant

1c616-soapboxThere is an issue. An issue that we all know about, and might even all be upset about. It is an issue that has been covered relentlessly in the national news media, and the uproar has reached a fever pitch. Heads are rolling. Mobs are forming. Hashtags are trending. The people behind this issue ought to be held accountable, arrested, deported or perhaps just killed. We all agree about that.

But while many of us are upset, we may not have truly thought about why we are upset. In fact, many people are upset for the wrong reasons, and have not fully grasped the nuances of the ways in which we should be upset. I too am upset, but unlike most people, I am upset for the right reasons. Reasons which I will outline below.

First of all, this issue actually started some time ago. Did anybody care about that issue then? No. Not so high and mighty now, are you? This issue has a long and storied history, brimming with scandal. And then, here you come with your tweets and thoughts, and you expect to be taken seriously? Ha ha ha. This issue is complicated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be outraged. On the contrary.

This is the real reason you should be outraged. Not the reason you thought or, at least, not just the reason you thought. I, personally, have been rightfully outraged at this issue for some time, and am glad that the rest of the world is finally catching up to me though, alas, I wish they had done so sooner. If so, this issue may have been nipped. But here we are.

When asked about this issue, the person in question said, “I am outraged about this issue.” Please note, this person did not say “that issue.” They said “this issue.” What a disgusting pig.

Here is an entirely unrelated issue from a few years ago. Where was the outrage then?

In any case, the point is, we have been apathetic, or blind, or have let this happen. If not us, then an opposing political party, or religious group, or denomination, or liberal bloggers, or conservative bloggers or whatever. The point is, there is something besides this issue to be outraged about, and that something may very well be ourselves, but let’s not forget to also be outraged about the issue at hand.

At this point, some of you might think my stance makes me intolerant of others. But you’re really the one being intolerant of my beliefs. Game, set, match.

A thousand years ago, a well-respected person said “The time to act is now.” If that person were alive today, would they have applied those words to this issue? You can’t prove otherwise.

In closing, I am glad we are all outraged about this issue. Let’s keep being outraged. But let’s make sure our outrage is the right kind of outrage. Also, let’s be outraged about other things too. And let’s be outraged at things sooner. Before it’s too late.

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  1. What?! How can you think that!! This issue is important and I think you’re wrong. My side is gospel centered. It saddens me to see someone go so far from this important belief that I seemingly center my whole life around! Farewell Tyler Huckabee!

  2. Outrageous


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