Dear Formerly Sponsored World Vision Child: Sorry, But Look at It From My Perspective

Edit: Thanks, everyone, for reading this piece. Two things about it.

1. It is satirical.

2. It was written in a very emotional moment, and I regret not being more gracious in my approach. I’m leaving it up, because I stand by my general point, but I am aware that good, smart people disagree with me on this one, and I have love for those people.

Thusly armed, read on:


Dear Nabirye,

I’m sorry to say that this will be my final letter to you. I know what you’re thinking and, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. You are a victim here. As a matter of fact, we are both victims here, Nabirye. Let me explain.

You may not have heard, but World Vision has decided to hire people whose are living lives I believe the Bible tells us not to. World Vision is the place that takes care of you. And if I were to continue to support your ongoing health and wellbeing, I’d really be supporting decisions they’ve made about their hiring practices.

I take it you’re beginning to see the problem here.

I’m sure this isn’t easy for you to hear, but before you start getting all upset, try thinking about it from my perspective.

Your ongoing livelihood would be a testament to the kindness and effectiveness of an organization who are open to employing people with whom I have serious disagreements. Every crumb you eat. Everything you learn. Every step you take away from a life of poverty will be an indirect affront to my own conscience.

It’s a real pickle.

After thinking about it, I am sad to say that World Vision has left me no choice but to stop sending you money. I assure you, this was not a decision I came to lightly. It is hard for you to understand now, perhaps, but I like to think that if our situations were reversed, you would make the same call.

I mean, obviously, you want to be fed, clothed and provided with opportunities—but at what cost?

Think about it. Would you really want to eat meals, knowing they’d been provided by people who are open to hiring people who live a lifestyle that I am strongly opposed to? Would you really want to have your basic needs taken care of if that care is coming from an organization open to hiring people who I am convinced are living lives in rebellion to God’s design?

Me neither.

It really came down to my money supporting something I don’t believe in. And though this may put you in a place of hardship and perhaps put your future at risk, my conscience is clean. I hope you can take comfort in that.

Maybe this will help you: In the Bible, Jesus says “whatever you did to the least of these, you did unto me.” So, when I don’t send money to a place that hires people whose lifestyles I disagree with, I’m really not sending it to Jesus.

Make sense now?

I am told that the money I had been sending you is actually distributed to your community and not to you individually, so hopefully, so long as not too many people follow my example, you and your family should be able to figure something out.

And if you can’t, I assume you’ll be tempted to blame me for that. That’s understandable, but look at it from my perspective, Nabirye. What, really, was I supposed to do? Continue to support you and your family? Is that really what you want?

Look at this way. Suppose you had a pet that a friend helped you take care of. But you found out that your friend was doing something you really, really didn’t agree with. Could you really keep taking care of that pet?

I didn’t think so.

Nabirye, I’ve enjoyed my time supporting you. I have every assurance that as you grow up and learn about these things, my decision will make more and more sense. But even if it doesn’t, I hope you can trust that I’m making the right call here.

Just put yourself in my shoes.



P.S. Whatever happens, I hope you will be cautious with the people who are providing you with education/food/water/etc. They suffer from a severe lack of judgement.

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  1. So right on, brother. Thank you.

  2. Jon Blanford

     /  March 28, 2014

    At first, I was concerned, then relieved. Then, I laughed.

  3. In your corner.

  4. This. Is. Brilliant. I don’t think you need to apologize for a single word of it.

  5. Matt Strieby

     /  April 1, 2014

    No need to apologize. This is spot-on! (And, if I recall from my study of literature oh-so-long-ago, satire is supposed to have some bite).

  6. Carol Elliott

     /  April 3, 2014

    I have a sinking feeling that those gays are maybe working in the food industry somewhere. We all should stop buying food! Heck…they might be bagging groceries, managing a Kroger or seating people in restaurants. What if they are SERVERS?!!! EVERYONE STOP EATING!!! That will send a strong message. Whew…glad I could solve that one. Maybe I will become a pastor next and spread the word.

  7. crashtx1

     /  April 3, 2014

    I would never leave my sponsored kids, but it is interesting to see the same hate spewed by the so-called open minded and enlightened.

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