God’s Not Dead 2: American Revolution (EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK!)

As you know, after the runaway success of God’s Not Dead, America’s favorite movie, a sequel has been greenlit. The premise of the sequel has been shrouded in mystery, but I am excited to announce that we at Tylerhuckabee.com have landed an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from the script, God’s Not Dead 2: American Revolution



Our film opens on Josh Wheaton, a beautiful young Christian man, wise beyond his years. He is the most handsome boy at his college. He is just starting his first day of his sophomore year after successfully killing the atheist philosophy professor from last year. Everyone is excited to be back in college.

JOSH: It’s great to be back in college, doing history class!

Next to him sits SYDNEY, a beautiful young woman. She wears glasses, because she is very skeptical. 

SYDNEY: [Sees Josh’s cross necklace] I wouldn’t wear that if I were you.

JOSH: Why not?

SYDNEY: Haven’t you heard? This class is taught by Professor Crampton. She HATES Christians.

[Josh’s eyes well with sadness and determination.]

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON enters. She is in her mid-forties and is a feminist.

CRAMPTON: Class, welcome to American History 101, the hardest course at this college. I know some of you have been raised to believe that America is a Christian nation, but that is not true. America is not a Christian nation. If you write that on a piece of paper and hand it to me, you will get an A+ in this, the hardest course at this college. Class dismissed.

JOSH: [Rolls eyes] Not again!


JOSH is walking back to his dorm room, lost in thought. 

JOSH: What to do?

DUCK DYNASTY GUY: Hey, Josh! Wait up!

[DUCK DYNASTY GUY runs up to Josh. He is wearing his AMERICAN FLAG BANDANA around his head]

JOSH: Hey, Duck Dynasty Guy. What’s going on?

DUCK DYNASTY GUY: Oh, you know. Happy, happy, happy. Hahaha.

JOSH: Hahaha.

DUCK DYNASTY GUY: I just wanted to remind you that our Founding Fathers may not have been perfect, but they did nevertheless create a perfect country based on biblical principles.

JOSH: Thanks, Duck Dynasty Guy. I really needed that after the class with Professor Crampton I just had.

DUCK DYNASTY GUY: Well, I mean this in loving way, but she sounds like a real …quack. Hahahah.

JOSH: Hahahaha.


[JOSH is getting ready for class. He puts on his cross necklace. SYDNEY enters. Her hair is in a bun with a pen in it.]

SYDNEY: Josh, if you don’t write what Professor Crampton told us to write, then I will never become a Christian and I will never date you.

JOSH: Sydney, I don’t want to date you. [He brushes a lock of her hair back behind her ear.] I want to court you.

SYDNEY: [Biting her lower lip] Oh, Josh. You just—you just—

[JOSH raises a finger to her lips.]

JOSH: Shhhh. You shouldn’t be here, Sydney. I am saving alone time with women for marriage.

SYDNEY: [Nods and walks out of the room. As she does, she turns and says.] Josh, if you don’t write “America Is Not a Christian Nation” for Professor Crampton, she’ll fail you, and then we can never be together. [She exits.]

[JOSH picks up his history textbook in one hand and his Bible in the other. He looks back and forth between the two as an AUDIO ADRENALINE song plays. Finally, Josh throws the history textbook through his dorm room window. It explodes on the lawn outside.]



[The entire class is there, as are many television journalists, bloggers and politicians. Everyone is writing “America Is Not a Christian Nation” on pieces of paper and laying them at PROFESSOR CRAMPTON’s feet.]

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: Yesssss. My power growwwssss.

[JOSH walks up to PROFESSOR CRAMPTON and lays his paper at her feet too. PROFESSOR CRAMPTON smiles wickedly, thinking she’s won. She looks down to read it, and her jaw drops, revealing her spikey teeth.]

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: What is the meaning of thisssss?

JOSH: Can’t you read?

[The paper says “JesUSAves.”]

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: You have failed this class. Go back to your dorm and pack your things. You’re done here at college.

[All the journalists and politicians nod approvingly.]

JOSH: Are you failing me, Professor? Or do you fail yourself? 

[JOSH throws down a newspaper from ten years ago. The headline reads “PROFESSOR BECOMES ATHEIST AFTER ENTIRE FAMILY AND ALL FRIENDS DIE IN FREAK ACCIDENT.” PROFESSOR CRAMPTON grows pale]

JOSH: Admit it. Everyone you know and loved died, and that’s why you don’t believe America is a Christian nation anymore.

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: It’s true. All along it’s not that I didn’t believe …it’s that I didn’t want to believe.

JOSH: And now?

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: I …I … [PROFESSOR CRAMPTON regains her composure.] Class, I have an announcement to make:

[The class pays close attention. The journalists all have their video cameras on her. Around the world, everyone is gathered in front of television screens and radios, ready to hear the announcement.]

PROFESSOR CRAMPTON: Everyone gets an A+, no matter what they believe!

[Everyone in the classroom cheers and throws their history textbooks into a fire. SYDNEY and JOSH immediately get married and SYDNEY throws away her GLASSES. In the Situation Room, the PRESIDENT and the CABINET all shake hands and put prayer back in schools. IRAN agrees to a stricter peace treaty. AUDIO ADRENALINE drops in from the classroom ceiling and plays their new hit song, “GOD’S NOT DEAD 2.” Everyone is dancing and singing along and texting GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 to all their friends.]



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  1. A truly amazing piece of writing. Cannot wait for God’s Not Dead with a Vengeance.

  2. jkthurman

     /  April 6, 2015

    An amazing piece of writing. I cannot wait for God’s Not Dead with a Vengeance.

  3. This is fantastic. 🙂

  4. Don’t forget the scrolling screen at the end assuring us that this is based on really real cases that prove how oppressed Christians in the US are.

  5. Outstanding. Simply outstanding. God’s Not Dead 2 is a tour de force. It’s a masterpiece. It holds up as a great sequel and honors the quality of the first. I really hope God’s Not Dead 3 not only happens, but that it also reveals that Josh’s biological father was actually Professor Rattison (the antagonist from the first film.) I feel like all roads were eventually leading to that shocking plot twist. But enough about fan theories, I still cannot say enough about Josh’s beautifully artistic choice to deliver back-to-back emotionless performances (save for a few poignant and powerful spiritual moments.) What a beautiful portrait of America.

    Thank you for uncovering this masterpiece, Tyler. Thank you so much.

  6. This needs to be a movie. TODAY.

  7. Glorious. Truly glorious.

  8. Reblogged this on Crazy Legs and commented:

  9. Paul

     /  April 11, 2015

    Tyler I just discovered your website and this is the first thing I’m read. I’m HOOKED. You’re hilarious and this is PERFECT.

  10. Nolan

     /  April 20, 2015

    oh my god Tyler huckabee is the next great screenwriter, Move over David Goyer.

  11. kylerr12

     /  June 6, 2015

    Ok, why does it say “after successfully killing the atheist philosophy professor”? I thought in the first movie the professor was accidentally hit by a car? and was saved before dying? That part really gives the first movie a bad reputation.

  12. Kyle Ransford

     /  August 7, 2017

    I would like to request the removal of my last comment on this article.

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